The Figura Studio Theatre’s latest performance has reached the main rehearsal phase, The Unhappy Ones by Füst Milán is the first premiere in this year, it will take place on 19 January.

Although the trial process started in October 2020, due to the unpredictable epidemiological situation, the play will be staged in this year – in the presence of spectators. The specialty of the show is that the events come to life as a movie at the same time with the actors’ play. The cameras also reveal details for the spectators, which are not visible from the auditorium.

The performance can be seen next time on 22 January, on the occasion of the day of Hungarian culture. The Unhappy Ones’ creative staff is composed by the members of the company, the set and costume designers are two youngsters from Gheorgheni: Huszár Kató and Sikó Doró. The music composer is one of our actors, Kolozsi Borsos Gábor.

Tickets are available at or in our tickets’ office.

16 January 2021