In the first month of 2021 we prepare a variety program: The Unhappy Ones by Füst Milán will be the year’s first premiere, you can see the Szín-kron Group’s performance and also archive recordings.

Taking advantage of the vacation period, we also broadcast two plays for children on our YouTube channel: on 1st January the Whistler’s Adventures, on 6 January the Többsincs Prince.

We play the Romanian contemporary drama, the Stop the Tempo! directed by Faragó Zénó on 8 January at 7 pm. After this the Szín-kron Group’s Cafe Stories welcomes the spectators on 15-16 January. In the second half of January, on 19.01 we will present the four-act Hungarian drama, The Unhappy Ones directed by Albu István, and we will play also on 22 January. Finally, on Chekhov’s birthday, on 29 January the program will be The Seagull, premiered in October.

Tickets are available on weekdays between 15-19 in the tickets’ office or online at

4 January 2021