On 23 December will be the last Journal of Drug in Gheorgheni with spectators and also streamed on www.eventim.ro.

The individual performance of Fodor Alain Leonard was directed by Faragó Zénó in December of 2017 based on Kubiszyn Viktor’s book. The birthday-play will be the last one at home.

The play is the concentrate form of the book: it keeps the story, the various psychic distortions and relapses and the various stages of purgation. How is it the some become addicts while others don’t? What does this world give and what does it take from the user? How deep you have to succumb to feel that there are now lower depths? How strong has the will to be that brings you back to reality? The production has an admitted drug prevention-message but it also wants to hold a mirror up to the viewer, because if we are honest, we all are addicted to one thing or another and in each case the desire for change and faith is equally important.

Tickets are available in the tickets’ office between 3 and 7 pm or online at www.biletmaster.ro.

21 December 2020