The Figura Studio Theatre starts an online theatre series from the writings of Biorobot, Botházi Mária’s book in the presentation of Bartha Boróka and Tamás Boglár. The few-minutes videos will be publishing between 19-29 November on the Figura’s Facebook page.

The Biorobot was presented with great success as a reading theatre performance in June of this year. The writings of Botházi Mária work one by one as monologues, and in the actress’s presentation they draw a pattern in which any Transylvanian can recognize his own life.

The biorobot is a woman or a man, together or separately, who fights day by day with his own inherited automatisms, the pressure of global trends and expectations of our tight Transylvanian society. The biorobots sit at the large family gatherings, at the school performances for Mother’s Day, at graduation meetings; they go to the gym or to yoga class to keep themselves in shape, struggle in the kitchen with stuffed-cabbage or bio-vegan-paleo recipes from the internet, go to the rock legends’ concerts together with their family, spread rumor with the neighbor at the corner of the house and they have opinion about everything.

The series is the part of the “Cultural Programs from Harghita County” event, organized by the Council of Harghita County and the Cultural Center of Harghita County.

19 November 2020