On 23 September from 8 pm will take place the last outdoor production of this year in the courtyard of the library. Performer, Nagy Péter together with musicians from Gheorgheni presents the Are We Alone scientific-musical performance on Wednesday evening at the Figura’s outdoor stage.

Among other things, the production seeks to answer the question, what is a human being? Objectively we could also say nothing special. Set of atoms on the Infinite stage, in the single moment of Eternity. Yet our appearance is the most wonderful thing in the Universe. The participating musicians accompany the scientific narration on various instruments; the team created for this occasion consists of artists from Gheorgheni: Csibi András – bass, Fülöp Loránd – solo guitar, György László – guitar and vocals, Korpos Szabolcs and Mihály Csaba – keyboard, Pál Andor – drum. The narrator of the Are We Alone is Nagy Péter, the visual is the work of Hátszegi Ákos and Lungu Arnold.

Adapting to the pandemia, the Figura Studio Theatre set up two outdoor stages: one in the inner courtyard of the building, the other one in the library’s courtyard, which hosted 12 outdoor productions, following the precautions. On the outdoor stages, the activity pauses during the cold season, however as weather conditions allow, we are waiting for our spectators again in the spring.

Tickets are available at www.biletmaster.ro and also at the tickets’ office every weekday from 3 to 7 pm. Tickets purchased for the Tót Family (21 September) can be redeemed for this production and for the Sure on 25 September.

23 September 2020