He was born in Gheorgheni and works here as well. He graduated from the department of Fine Arts of the Nagy István High School in Miercurea Ciuc, but he is not limited to the field of fine arts. Ferenczi Zoltán is a versatile creator: graphic designer, musician, but he also deals with video processing, for the locals he may be familiar as the keyboardist of the band No Sugar.

He has been working with us for a long time in various fields: music composer, designer of the visual effects and projections, but also as a set designer in the Three Sisters, in The Four-square Round Forest and in The Seagull too. He is the one who makes the trailers, and he designed the poster of the Sure, The Four-square Rounded Forest and Stop the Tempo! And from this season Zoltán is the official graphic designer of the theatre.

You are working on many fields. How and when did you start to draw posters?

I made my first poster for a school football league. The funny thing was, that I drawn the poster, gave it to the gym teacher, who said that he likes it, and he needs two more posters. I told him that this is a drawn one, so I cannot draw the same thing twice. Actually, this was the first one.

How did you get in touch with the theatre and which was your first project here?

I made earlier a poster for a student theatre group, but here the Sura was the first. I do not clearly remember, I just found myself here. Originally I worked with the music and visual part of the performance, and because we did not have any idea for graphic designer, I threw up the idea, and I made it.

Which one is your favorite from the various theatre jobs – if I can ask this?

Maybe the music. Especially now, I made these cozy pieces for the performances Stop the Tempo! and Sure and I really liked it. For instance, when it sounds a melody in addition to a monologue it makes the atmosphere, and You got goosebumps from it. I enjoy it the most. The second one of my favorites are the posters, after that the video mapping.

Your newest creation is the poster of the Stop the Tempo! Can you tell me about it?

Zénó had this idea, that through his mother, the embryo is manipulated by the advertisings of consumer society. Of course, the basic idea had to be taken into parts, so the air bubble illustrates the womb, and there is a lot of rubbish around the baby, suggesting that he comes into the world unconsciously under the influence of impulses which affected his mother before.

10 September 2020