The existing stages expanded with a new outdoor stage; its inauguration will be on 18 June at 8 pm with the reading theatre performance named Biorobot. The audience can hear the texts of Botházi Mária, a writer born in Odorheiu Secuiesc, interpreted by actresses Bartha Boróka and Tamás Boglár.

The biorobot is a woman or a man, together or separately, who fights day by day with his own inherited automatisms, the pressure of global trends and expectations of our tight Transylvanian society. There are those who are constantly searching for themselves, there are those who rebel, who do not tie an apron during cooking, work eight hours a day, feed the family, and stress but only as much as it is still healthy.

Their life situations are familiar to all of us, and are even so embedded in our lives, that we may even no longer notice them. In turn we could have a good laugh at them, unless our throats get stuck meanwhile.

Botházi Mária’s short feuilletons also stand out as stage monologues. In the performance of Bartha Boróka and Tamás Boglár they draw a pattern in which any of us can recognize our own lives. 

Tickets are available on the and in the ticket’s office every weekday between 3 and 7 pm. The prescribed rules are valid during the events, in this sense it is mandatory to keep distances, wearing a mask and frequent hand disinfection is recommended. Body temperature is measured before the event, if someone’s temperature exceeds 37,3 °C, or if somebody refuses the measuring or wearing the mask, we are unable to admit to the event.

16 June 2020