After the forced resting the Figura Studio Theatre’s company is active again. Right now, there are three rehearsals in process in the renewed stages, and outdoor performances are also planned in June and July.

Three new plays rehearsals started at the theatre from Gheorgheni, Long–Singer–Borgeson: The Complete Works of William Shakespeare, Gianina Cărbunariu: Stop the Tempo! and Botházi Mária: Biorobot. The latter is being prepared for a reading theatre performance.

Spectators are welcome every Thursday in June with plays on the new outdoor stage with the motto Come to the theatre! You don’t dare! Bartha Boróka and Tamás Boglár actresses present on 18 June the reading theatre performance, named Biorobot from writings of Botházi Mária. On 25 June, the S-ELECTED, on 2 July the Stones in His Pockets will be on the Living-stage. All of the plays will start at 8 pm in the outdoor stage, in case of bad weather the play will be rescheduled on the next day.

Tickets are available on the and in the ticket’s office every weekday between 3 and 7 pm. The prescribed rules are valid during the events, in this sense it is mandatory to keep distances, wearing a mask and frequent hand disinfection is recommended.

11 June 2020