After two and a half months forced rest will restart the rehearsals at the Figura Studio Theatre. In the rest of the season the company works on two performances, following the prescribed rules: Long–Singer–Borgeson’s piece Shakespeare All Shortened will be directed by Barabás Árpád, and Faragó Zénó will set on stage the Stop the Tempo! by Gianina Cărbunariu.

Due to the measures taken because of the pandemic, the theatre suspended its activity from the middle of March. Nevertheless, the life did not stop in the theatre: during the quiet period both playgrounds have been renewed, the main stage and the whole studio hall were repainted. A new outdoor stage has been set up in the inner courtyard of the building, which will be the location of the performances during the restrictions.

Hopefully a premiere is expected later in this season: The Complete Works of William Shakespeare directed by Barabás Árpád.

5 June 2020