The community of Figura Studio Theatre was shocked because of the further loss of the Tamási Áron Theatre; the retired actor, Darvas László passed away after a long illness.

Darvas László was born in 1941, in the Transylvanian theatre’s initial period, and the rumor says that he was born near Gelence, during a tour. He deeply loved the theatre and the art -already as a child, and it was self-evident that he will choose the acting career. He graduated from the Institute of Performing Arts Szentgyörgyi István in 1963, right after he was contracted to the theatre in Sfântu Gheorghe, where he played in about 120 performances until his retirement. – recalls his career the Tamási Áron theatre’s memoir.

Darvas László, as an actor from Sfântu Gheorghe played at the Figura too: he played in the Comedy a Penny’s Worth in the role of Finkler and the Judge (2002) and in The Shadow (1995).

Let his rest be quiet, his memory blessed!

Photo source:

2 May 2020