In the weekend continues the Actor outside the house project. During this month, Bartha Boróka was in the focus; we visited her at home, where she told stories about her childhood, career choice and hobbies. Then she tried herself in the hosting field in the K&K Bistro.

On Sunday, February 23 Boró’s former stage partners, friends and family will talk about her: theatrical anecdotes and unheard stories come to the fore about her personal life and work. The entry is free to the talk-show.

The Actor outside the house project’s aim is to get the audience closer to the actors of the company, gain insight into their daily lives and get touch with them. Each month belongs to another actor, who yarns about himself, studies, early and current roles. The actor-wall, placed in the foreground also tells a lot about the person. The performers will have the chance to try themselves in another job, which will be documented.

Ideas, initiatives are welcomed!

21 February 2020