On February 17, Monday A Streetcar Named Desire, directed by Botond Nagy will be played in the Sica Alexandrescu Theatre in Brașov from 6:30 pm.

On the middle-aged maps the unknown areas was signed with the Hcsvntdracones subtitle. Today we can be proud because we conquered and settled on unknown areas. But what happens with our monsters? Those, which are living in our unknown inner landscapes? How long can we hide behind the chanting of our name and origin? What takes the man for the overrated love? In how many traps are we ready to be ambushed for a volatile sentiment? Of what’s opposite is the desire?

As always, we can make the decision now. We can decide about how many we align our instincts. We can decide how many we want to understand from Blanche du Bois, from the appearing of a died boy, or from the environment inspired by our present.

The cast of A Streetcar Named Desire are speaking from different inner landscapes, but in every speaking echoes the instinct of the survival. How it is possible the survival? How do people survive these conquered and settled areas, which we call – for want of better – reality?

Tickets are available online at www.biletmaster.ro. Following the show will be an audience meeting with the creators. A Streetcar Named Desire was created with the support of the BGA.

13 February 2020