Following Lázár Ervin’s tales Dávid A. Péter stages the children play named Four-Square Round Forest. The premier will be on January 17 at 5 pm in the main hall of the theatre. In the occasion of the premier the company will gather for costly medical treatment and surgery of Tompa Klára.

The tales of Lázár Ervin are eternal, address a wide range of people; both adults and children can learn from them. Everybody thinks lions are scary, horses are not blue, rabbits can run fast, cats are adorable, pines stuck to the ground, guards of the forest always act in the interest of the animals, monsters are evil and everybody knows when and what to say. The four-squared Round Forest’s inhabitants certainly do not live up to these expectations, yet accepting their unusual attributions they are living in peace under the patronage of the almost all-knowing Mikkamakka.

“I never tie a tie. Moreover, I do not clean my shoes, only once a week. These are unnecessary things. Externalities. The heart is the first... Do you understand? The heart!” (Lázár Ervin)

The musical, family show’s decoration was made with recycling, based on the idea of Ferenczi Zoltán, set designer plastic bottles and cable wires was used. The entry is free, the price of the tickets and other donations are welcomed to the box placed in the foreground.

13 January 2020